Platypus on a Pillow Studios is a collaborative venture by Mark, Morgan, Madyson and Jackson Honschke. Founded not only as a home for our creative projects, but also as a vehicle to grow our entrepreneurship and e-commerce skills via the Kickstarter campaigns and website sales. Each project will be a collaborative effort between at least 2 members of the studio with the goal of producing a product that will be offered for sale on the site. Each member on the team brings a unique perspective and imagination that serves to make a complete team.

(bolded names link to online portfolios)     

Mark: during his many, many years upon a blue, green speck rotating around a bright yellow speck, Mark perfected the art of procrastination. Upon reaching the zenith of the art he had an epiphany which can be summed up in one word: huh?   

Morgan: with a quick wit and razor-sharp humor Morgan is a creative storyteller with a boundless imagination and macabre sensibilities

Madyson: as she emerges like a butterfly (a moth may be more apropos) from the cocoon that is her bed Madyson enjoys playing her music and drawing unique (sometimes disturbing) characters

Jackson: being the first person to set foot on Mars may be a dream of his that will come true, until then Jack will rule his digital universe with an iron fist and explore the world with his insatiable curiosity