Platypus on a Pillow Studios is a collaborative venture by Mark, Morgan, Madyson and Jackson Honschke. Founded not only as a home for our creative projects, but also as a vehicle to grow our entrepreneurship and e-commerce skills via the Kickstarter campaigns and website sales. Each project is a collaborative effort between at least 2 members of the studio with the goal of exploring our creativivty and possibly producing a product that will be offered for sale on the site. Each member on the team brings a unique perspective and imagination that serves to make a complete team.


Mark: During his many years upon this blue green speck rotating around a bright yellow speck Mark attained "guru" status in the art of procrastination and upon reaching this rank he had an epiphany, which can be summed up in one word: huh? 



Morgan: Her quick wit and razor-sharp humor serve Morgan well as a creative storyteller whose boundless imagination and macabre sensibilities combine to produce fantastic worlds and unique art. 



Madyson: Madyson periodically emerges like a butterfly (maybe a moth) from the cocoon of the bed to play music and create a bevy of unique (sometimes disturbing) colorful characters that will be the animated classics of the future.



Jack: Becoming a politician may be his long term goal, until then Jack will rule his digital universe with an iron fist, learn (and tell anyone who will listen) all he can about the Titanic and build and explore in his worlds with insatiable curiosity.


*bio artwork by Madyson